Meet our award-winning Perth team

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve when you put our minds to it.

Good financial advisers tick boxes. The finest think outside them.

The first thing you’ll notice about our team of financial advisers, is that we’re all different. That’s important.

Because our team is diverse and inter-generational, it means we ‘get’ you, wherever you are in life, and wherever you’re going. The next thing you’ll notice about our team when you get to know us is that we’re all the same.

Highly qualified? Undeniably. Specialist knowledge? Certainly. Good people? Without exception. But we’re also the same in that we know the best financial advice is about life. Money is just the means to live it.

We’re all invested, figuratively and financially, in our business. In our you-focused philosophy. In our evidence-based approach. In our solutions. So, you know our advice is good – we take it ourselves.


David Andrew

Managing Director

Michael Matthews

Executive Director

Chris King

Non-Executive Director

Charmaine Lamprecht

Principal | Chief Operating Officer

James McLeod

Principal | Wealth Adviser

Michael Hayward

Principal | Wealth Adviser

Steven Boyce

Principal | Wealth Adviser

Kathryn Creasy

Principal | Wealth Adviser

Rakesh Shah

Principal | Wealth Adviser

John Ryan

Principal | Wealth Adviser

Damon Sugden

Principal | Wealth Adviser

Emma Zwaan

Wealth Adviser

Rob McCaw

Wealth Adviser

Milena König

Wealth Adviser

David Rossbach

Wealth Adviser

Sophorn Hak

Senior Associate Adviser

Olga Malysheva


Tyler Ellery


Nick Menegola


Aden Wilkins


Anna Cao


Jayden Quill


Rachel Goh

Executive Assistant | Senior Client Service Associate

Hannah McKelvie

Client Service Associate

Farah Callanan

Client Service Associate

Rachel Cooper

Client Service Associate

Jenni Collins

Accounts Coordinator

Nicole Chiam

Finance and Talent Manager

Yasmin Weston

Operations Coordinator

Tanesha Brayne

Marketing Coordinator

Sarah Callahan

Corporate Receptionist