Risk Assessment Quiz

Many people struggle to separate their emotions from their investment decisions.

Taking a planned approach to our investing helps us make better decisions. Many investors follow a cycle of excessive optimism and fear, which can lead to poor decisions at the worst possible time. In establishing a risk ‘budget’ for your portfolio there are three important considerations:

a. How much risk you can afford to take;

b. How much risk you need to take to achieve your objective; and,

c. How much risk you prefer to take to feel comfortable.

The questions you are about to answer will help you with the third of these concerns. With this information you and your adviser will be better placed to design an investment portfolio consistent with your needs and your preferences.

A key consideration in understanding your investment requirements is assessing your attitude to and tolerance of, risk. The following questionnaire has been prepared to help you consider the various investment risks and to understand how they impact on your personal circumstances. The questions define your attitude to security and the level of risk you are prepared to accept for your investments. We appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions as they will assist us to develop an appropriate investment strategy that will meet your financial and lifestyle objectives.

*Please note that you may decline to provide the information requested, but you should note that Capital Partners Private Wealth recommendations and obligations will be limited accordingly and you will need to determine whether the advice provided suits your individual circumstances.