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At Capital Partners we like to talk about life first, and wealth second.

There is so much more to life than money.

At Capital Partners every journey starts with a conversation and our podcasts series are no exception. Join our podcast community and find out about all the things we love to talk about. Leadership. Community. Family. Retirement. Character.

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Leadership on the Front Foot

Welcome to Leadership on the Front Foot, with your host David Andrew, CEO and Founder of Capital Partners Private Wealth Advisers, and author of Wealth with Purpose. Each week Leadership on the Front Foot will explore a wide range of leadership topics, and interview some of our community’s best and brightest leaders. Leadership on the Front Foot was established to provide different ideas and thinking for our community.

Episode 8: The Role of News in a Crisis

An Interview with Jim Parker

Episode 7: Keeping it in the Family

An Interview with Michael Aitken

Episode 6: What Defines our Character?

An Interview with Stephen and Mara Klemich

Episode 5: Are Leaders Born or Grown?

An Interview with Kim Lancer


Episode 4: From the Kibbutz to the Executive Suite

An Interview with Dr Andrew Crane

Episode 3: Leadership Resilience in a Crisis

An interview with Diane Smith-Gander

Episode 2: The Art of Positive Thinking

An interview with Alex Hof, Clinical Psychologist.

Episode 1: How Can I Stay Safe in the Online World?

An interview with Brian Smith, leading cyber security expert.