Where it all began

On 1 July 1999, David Andrew reversed out his driveway to embark on a new adventure. All that existed of Capital Partners back then was a registered company, a securities licence, a laptop computer, a letterhead, and some business cards. Twenty-five years later we reflect with pride on our team and our wonderful client relationships.

David set out with a desire to do things differently – he was deeply convinced that Australians were having the wrong conversations about money. Less about product, price and performance, and more about values, goals, planning and outcomes.

A significant development came in 2003 when Michael Matthews joined from Plan B Financial Services, and Chris King merged his business Affiniti Financial Consultants. The partnership between David, Michael and Chris has evolved and remains strong today.

Dissatisfied with the high costs and turnover rates of traditional fund managers, we sought a more systematic, lower-cost investment strategy. Inspired by the academic work of Eugene Fama and Ken French on asset-class investing we adopted an evidence-based investment approach, targeting consistent, reliable returns. This approach remains central to the Capital Partners investment philosophy and now has a twenty-year track record of delivering consistent results for our clients.

In 2015, our commitment to excellence led Capital Partners to become a founding member of the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA) and at the time we were the only firm in Australia to hold the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) mark, signifying the highest standard for investment fiduciaries worldwide.

Today, Capital Partners is a team of over 40 and the firm is substantially owned by Next-Gen owners.

1999 – 2024

Capital Partners Timeline


- Capital Partners is founded by David Andrew in Perth, Western Australia.


- In January Michael Matthews joins as Partner from Plan B.
- Chris King merges his firm Affiniti Financial Consultants in July.
- Capital Partners adopts an Asset Class Investment Philosophy in search of a lower-cost, consistent investment approach.


- Achieved $250 million funds under management milestone.


- Joined the Asset Class Investors Association - Australia and New Zealand, the precursor to GAIA.


- Capital Partners survived the Global Financial Crisis.
- Moved from our original home on St. George's Terrace to Subiaco


- Achieved $500 million assets under management milestone.


- Capital Partners become founding members of the Global Association of Independent Advisors.
- Awarded the CEFEX mark for fiduciary excellence.
- We move to our Campus at 22 Delhi Street in West Perth.


- Wealth With Purpose, a commonsense guide to wealth, investing and an inspiring life, by David Andrew is published.


- Capital Partners is awarded Professional Practice of the Year in the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) Awards.
- Michael Hayward is awarded Certified Financial Planning Professional of the Year in the FAAA Awards.


- Generation 2 owners become Shareholders.
- We exit the Corporate Superannuation market which had been a cornerstone of our growth.


- Capital Partners wins FAAA's Professional Practice of the Year for the second time - becoming the only firm to receive this award twice.


- Capital Partners celebrates 20 years.
- Kathryn Creasy is awarded Certified Financial Planning Professional of the Year in the FAAA Awards.
- Offered sustainable investment solutions (environmental, social, governance).


- Chris King retires from full-time involvement. He remains as Chairman and mentor.
- Achieved $1 billion in client assets under management milestone.
- Gen 2 owners become substantial owners.


- We celebrate a 20-year track record of our Systematic Investing philosophy.
- Achieved $1.5 billion in assets under management milestone.
- Partnered with Curtin University to establish the Financial Planning Scholarship.


- Generation 3 owners become shareholders.
- Michael Matthews retires from client advising but remains a major contributor to complex client projects.
- Achieved $2 billion in assets under management milestone.

- Celebrate 25 years in business.

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