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Leadership on the Front Foot | What Defines our Character?

An interview with Stephen and Mara Klemich

What defines our character?

Why is it so hard to stop repeating our ineffective behaviour patterns at work and at home?

Join David Andrew from Capital Partners Perth for a very special episode of Leadership on the Front Foot as he discusses Living and Leading with Heart with Stephen and Mara Klemich PHD.

Stephen and Mara will join David live from London to discuss their new book Above the Line – Living and Leading with Heart.

The Klemichs believe we are all designed for greatness, but so often our best self is pitted against our worst self.

They are passionate about finding out what helps develop our character. How do we look into the things we do to exhibit the best behaviour we can?

They argue the quality of our life flows from the attitudes of our heart. They offer wise, compassionate practical advice to live life ‘above the line’.

In describing ‘below the line’ attributes, Mara explains, “In typical psychologist form, i will say that there’s a deeper level, and that is that the below the line styles are all born out of good intentions but they get connected to fear and as soon as you connect a good intention to fear you don’t realize the impact of how people experience you”. 

Below the line is very common. So what do we do to be extraordinary above the line?

Unlike other psycho-graphic measuring tools, the Heartstyles indicator is not a personality profile tool. It’s an indicator that tells individuals how they behave and deal with situations.

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