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Episode 2 | The art of positive thinking

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By startdig Podcast | Leadership On The Front Foot

An interview with Alex Hof, Clinical Psychologist.

Positive mindset: how to achieve it in an ever-changing world

Capital Partners introduces a live Q&A with David Andrew as he interviews Clinical Psychologist Alex Hof on the art of staying positive in these trying times.

In this episode, David and Alex discuss all things psychology and in particular the art of positive thinking.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had many people on a roller coaster of emotions some through the loss of employment, others because of isolation for others the experience has been enjoyable almost cathartic.

We appear to be on the eve of an easing of restrictions where our family and community life can get back to some sort of normality but undoubtedly there will still be challenges ahead for all of us so to help me unpack this topic I’m joined today by my friend Alex Hof.

Alex is a practicing clinical psychologist with over 35 years of experience in government and private enterprises.

For 15 years, Alex headed the employee assistance program at Woodside, where she and her team dealt with the full catastrophe of issues for employees and their families and as a result an expert in the psychological impact of accidents, emergencies, change fatigue, and stress in the workplace.

Today Alex’s private practice is in the area of anxiety, depression, trauma, bereavement, and workplace stress.


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