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Episode 5 | Are leaders born or grown?

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By startdig Podcast | Leadership On The Front Foot

An interview with Kim Lancer

Nature vs nurture: what’s more important?

Join David Andrew from Capital Partners for episode 5 of Leadership on the Front Foot as he talks with Tall Poppies founder and Executive Coach, Kim Lancer.

Kim is a leadership development coach in New York and Australia and works with leaders from Fortune 100 organisations. Kim shares her journey, insights, and passion for leadership development and will help us redefine the value of coaching in our organisations and in the broader community.

Kim is a passionate advocate for women’s leadership as well as diversity and inclusion. At the University of New York, she studied adult behaviour and gained her coaching certification where she was able to travel across the United States to deliver coaching.

When asked about the meaning of her company Tall Poppies, Kim elaborates on an idea that many Australians will be able to relate to. “I called my company Tall Poppies because I don’t think Australia and the culture here is as supportive of standing tall, instead that is called bragging”.

Listen to David and Kim discuss all things leadership.

  • How your upbringing can affect your leadership style?
  • What is the most effective leadership style in a corporate environment?
  • What are the unique challenges that women face when emerging as leaders?

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