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Episode 4 | From the Kibbutz to the Executive Suite

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By startdig Podcast | Leadership On The Front Foot

An interview with Dr Andrew Crane

Corporate wellbeing will never not be important

Join David from Capital Partners Perth, for what promises to be a fascinating episode of Leadership on the Front Foot where he speaks with Dr. Andrew Crane.

Andy will share his story from average student to completing a PhD in Israel, and then becoming CEO of one of Australia’s largest grain businesses.

He also shares unique insights into global trade as a member of the B20 Leadership Group. Together they will be discussing the challenges businesses face in the current environment, their views on leadership, and they’ll also canvas the topic of can the ‘nice guy’ (or gal) make it as a CEO?

Andy was CEO of the $3.9Bn CBH Group for 8 years and is now Chancellor of Curtin University, and a non-Executive Director of RAC, SunRice, and Lawson Grains.

Join them for a coffee and a chat and take the opportunity to ask Andy a question in our open Q&A.

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