Wealth Planning

Our unique brand of financial planning isn’t just about creating wealth. It’s about creating a richer life.

We believe clear, evidence-based wealth planning holds the key to a rich, rewarding life – financially, emotionally and psychologically.

Find out how we’ll work with you to create and implement a financial life plan that enables you to live your best life and achieve your life goals.

Build your strategy for life

Uncover what really matters in life and create your Wealth Map, detailing your values, purpose and life goals. Then tap into our diverse wealth planning and management expertise, so you and your family can get on with living your best life with confidence and peace of mind.

Plan for your goals

Discover how we’ll create a holistic wealth planning and finance management strategy that’s designed around you and your family. Find out how we’ll take every facet of your finances into account, providing complete peace of mind and a clear path to realising your life goals.

Plan for retirement

Take the uncertainty out of retirement planning, with retirement advice and a strategy that’s all about you and your vision for retirement. Learn how we’ll help you manage every aspect of your wealth and finances, so you can retire on your terms, with complete clarity and confidence.

Prosper through major life events

Whether you’re contemplating a major life decision, or moving forward after a life-changing liquidity event – like a divorce, business sale, or receiving an inheritance – we’re here to help you make sense of your finances and the future, with clear advice and your best interests at heart.

Wealth Planning FAQ

Wealth planning is the process of creating a clear path based on evidence-based wealth planning tools to provide you with a rich and rewarding life, financially, emotionally and psychologically. The objective of wealth planning is to build a sound strategy in order to achieve set life and financial goals.

A good wealth manager will be highly qualified, have specialist knowledge and be an excellent communicator. However, the most respected wealth managers understand that the best financial advice is about understanding a persons’ life, not just about money. A trustworthy firm will hold CEFEX certification for fiduciary excellence.

The role of a wealth manager is to provide professional, evidence-based financial advice. A wealth manager will assist you to achieve your long-term financial goals by asking you to complete a spending analysis to see where your money is going, and then assist in the creation of a spending plan. A wealth manager will provide clarity and advice.

Above all, you should look for a wealth manager who you feel comfortable with. Often you will be introduced to a wealth manager via a discovery meeting. Secondly, a wealth manager from a CEFEX advisory firm will ensure that your interests are always put first.

Legacy planning is important because it can prevent conflict and confusion from arising regarding the distribution of assets and decisions after your death, or if you become unable to control your finances. Legacy planning involves writing a will, having your estate and finances in order, electing an enduring power of attorney, and guardianship.

Leaving a legacy means to leave a plan after your death, usually centered around the passing of gifts, money or property from one generation to the next. Legacy giving can also include charitable donations and will involve a succession plan.

There are many ways to leave a legacy for your family. They include leaving a personal legacy as simple as sharing family stories and traditions, or they can hold a greater financial value such as donating to a charity, passing on a sentimental gift to family members or the distribution of business ownership.