Meet Rachel

New beginnings

When I first heard about Capital Partners in 2012, I had just graduated from university and was desperately job hunting. I applied to so many places that when Charmaine called for an interview, I couldn’t even remember the role or the company.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, let alone what I was ‘good at’, and I had never stepped foot in a corporate office.

Collaborate to succeed

Twelve years later my journey has been anything but intentional. I started as an administration assistant but explored various roles—marketing, accounts, reception, and client services. When I realised that full-time employment felt stifling, I was prepared to hand in my resignation. Thankfully, instead of saying farewell, senior team members supported me.

I’ve never had to choose between my personal life and work. To this day, I still dedicate one day per week to personal commitments. Back then, to be given that flexibility was rare, and I’m still very appreciative.

I have always been able to chop and change my role. I spent most of my time as a Client Service Associate (CSA) because I loved the client side of things. Then, when I found my passion for mentorship and development, senior team members encouraged this transition. They let me determine the scope of this new position based on what I loved to do, what I was good at and where support was needed. Now, I spend my days doing what I love. I have genuine conversations, recruit new team members, and run development initiatives. Looking back, I couldn’t have predicted this.

Successful on purpose

Reflecting on my journey, I feel like I’m a product of Capital Partners. There are many truth-tellers here who have been instrumental in helping me grow. I’ve learned that I can do hard things which sounds simplistic but means the world to me. I was the child who couldn’t read aloud in primary school. Now I’m presenting development workshops for the team. I’ve learned that I’m more capable than I think or give myself credit for. Taking risks, embracing mistakes, and investing in myself has been the key to my success.

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