Meet David

New beginnings

Before Capital Partners I had already been immersed in the financial industry, working in London as a financial adviser. After four years, I decided it was time to return home. It was a decision I made with lingering uncertainty knowing my UK financial planning qualifications were not transferrable to Australia, meaning I would need to redo them. While I weighed up my options, I took a FIFO job in regional Western Australia but found myself facing a predicament. I knew the mines would be temporary, so I had a choice of either giving up work to complete the Australian financial advice qualifications or continuing to work and juggle studying at the same time. I chose the latter and I’m grateful for that decision.

Collaborate to succeed

My journey at Capital Partners began when I met with Kathryn Creasy who is a wealth adviser here. It was a conversation that changed the course of my life and planted the seed for what would be constant encouragement and dedication to pursuing my true potential.

I knew I was in good hands early. Teamwork and mentorship were evident company values, not just spoken about, but taken seriously and actioned. Capital Partners’ culture embraces and promotes collaboration, which meant I was having genuine conversations with senior team members who became my mentors. They cared about my development and helped me to map out the direction I wanted to go in.

I have always been encouraged to lean into the opportunities that will help me to prosper. The people I look up to are forthcoming in their advice, helping to create clarity on the steps I need to take to help find my potential. This included a study allowance, frequent education forums, conference groups, personal coaching, and networking opportunities, just to name a few. I’m yet to hear of another company of our size that has such an engrained commitment to personal and professional development. These were all completely transformative experiences, pivotal for my future success.

It has always been important to me that the work I do makes a difference. Capital Partners have created a standard where I can certainly achieve that. Every individual here takes our collective ‘do well by doing good’ ethos seriously. I have never experienced a lack of exposure to development opportunities with Capital Partners. From day one, everyone has supported my journey for both personal and professional growth. From the most senior people in the business to those who have just started, if you ask for guidance, someone will assist.

My advice for new recruits is to lean into this.  Be brave and ask the question! If you want to progress or explore a different pathway, you need to put yourself out there. I’ve never not experienced a time where people haven’t been willing to help.

Success on purpose

I look forward to continuing to build amazing relationships with my clients and repaying the opportunities that have been provided to me throughout my journey at Capital Partners. My time here has taught me that no one succeeds alone, and I look forward to assisting younger advisers on their journey toward finding their niche and passion.

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