Meet James

New beginnings

Before Capital Partners I was working as a financial adviser at another financial planning practice in Perth which I had been with for just over three and a half years. I was exhausted after the global financial crisis. As a 25-year-old helping people navigate out from what was such a turbulent and emotionally draining 18-month period, I realised I needed to take a step back and refocus on my career, and the areas of my career that needed development.

I was introduced to Capital Partners by a colleague who I approached for some career advice and he suggested I get in touch.

Collaborate to succeed

I think it is important to work in an environment that will support you achieve what you set out to do. When I joined Capital Partners, I was able to work closely with senior team members which was a tremendously valuable, not to mention, a unique experience that allowed me to focus on the areas of my career that needed developing.

Capital Partners and the people within it are completely committed to helping our team members achieve their individual career goals. This is achieved through structured professional development planning and mentoring. Regardless of if you’re in the advice space or an administrative role, everyone is encouraged to explore where they can grow and develop, the company being vocal in how they will support this journey.

What’s special about Capital Partners is that development is taken very seriously regardless of your seniority. Although I have been with Capital Partners for years, I recently completed a program where I was able to undertake 360 feedback from my peers. I think this echoes our sentiment of growth and improvement – learning how to be our best selves. Whilst receiving such feedback can be confronting, this process made me more self-aware, a better leader within the company, and a better financial adviser to my clients. Furthermore, I have been fortunate to have 12 months of access to an executive coach and I’m absolutely a better adviser and colleague because of it.

I believe you would now find it difficult to find another financial planning firm that invests more in its team and has a genuine commitment to developing those who wish to be developed. Capital Partners has supported me at every stage of my journey. Professional development, fresh insights, and constructive advice ensure we can all flourish and achieve whatever success means to us – together.

Success on purpose

Having the ability to help people and have a positive impact on their lives is one of the greatest things about being a financial adviser. I’d like to continue to be professionally challenged, working in different areas of the business, helping it to grow, while growing the careers of other talented wealth advisers. For me, being successful means healthy and positive relationships with family and friends, doing the things you enjoy with the people you love and living a fulfilling life.

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