Meet Kathryn

New beginnings

Before financial planning, I was actually a marketing graduate. When I decided marketing wasn’t for me, I began studying for a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and worked at a stockbroking firm. I loved working there but unless I became a stockbroker, I didn’t see anywhere else I could go – and that career didn’t feel right. After seven years I realised that I needed a new challenge. I met with David Andrew and Michael Matthews and decided that financial planning might be worth looking at.

Collaborate to succeed

It was 2014 when I joined and I was admittedly very unsure to begin with. I barely understood superannuation or family trusts. Despite this, I never felt like I didn’t have opportunities to help me flourish. Senior team members didn’t care about what I didn’t know, they just cared about whether or not I was committed to learning. I was encouraged to utilise the countless resources around me such as training, coaches, mentors, forums, and networking, and put time into my education. As a result, I began to really enjoy the strategy side of financial planning – crafting a strategy to help people and working closely with the families I was assisting.

With Capital Partners, my development journey has always been at a comfortable pace. I was always in control. There were no expectations. Just a commitment that from year to year, there would be improvements. When I think about my journey, I am in awe of how much I have learned and how so many people have helped me. The training and support we receive both personally and professionally are unrivalled. Everyone is willing to lend a hand, lead a training session or share their learnings. I think Capital Partners have embedded this attitude into our culture, and hope it is clear for every new person who embarks on a journey with us.

I think I’m the type of person who would have been able to build a successful career anywhere, but Capital Partners has made me a better team member, better leader, and a better person. I don’t know how many people could say that about their workplace. There aren’t many businesses that would host out-of-office training days, coaching the entire team, including the CEO, on how to have important conversations and give feedback as we do. There is just no cap on development. Experiencing a lack of confidence? We have coaches. Want to finesse your skills? You have a study allowance. That is unique.

Whilst sometimes personal growth is difficult, it ultimately helps us all. I am by no means perfect (ask anyone here!) but I bet I am far better than I would have been without it. It’s crazy that my work did that.

Success on purpose

Looking ahead, I would like to have more opportunities to present the power of wealth management to larger audiences. I have dabbled in presenting, and enjoy it, and believe we can add value to more people this way, so that’s a goal I want to work towards.

I would also love to have a hand in streamlining our administrative duties, helping the team to spend more time on strategy. That would be a professional success for me.

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