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By startdig Capital Partners News

Well I guess my first introduction to Capital Partners was through Chris King.

We had a bit of a discussion about how Capital Partners could help me in my messy administration of paperwork and so on.

So at that time I was I was running a pretty big business. One of the things that was really getting me down was the amount of paperwork from banks and share certificates.

Christopher decided that it would be a good idea if I could unload all of those menial tasks on to Capital Partners. I think Chris said to me at the time that Capital Partners would like to act almost in a role of a personal CFO and that’s what I’ve found that’s been most helpful.

So they’ve been able to take that the dreary part of admin and streamline the process and relieve me of some of that burden. I think the value from Capital Partners is that they run a complete service so there’s nothing that isn’t covered by someone within the organisation.

Somebody’s got that expertise.

The services that they provide cover just about everything that you would think of in business whether it be the bank applications or whether it be share portfolios and so on.

I found that really, helpful and as a result of that it’s really simplified in my life.

It certainly relieves stress, it frees up time so it allows you to be much more productive in your, in your normal life and I’m really thankful for the way that they’ve been able to do that for me.

If I were to recommend Capital Partners I would do so with every confidence that anyone who’s struggling with financial or personal affairs and need someone not only to advise them but to structure their life in much more simple terms, then I think Capital Partners is the answer to your dreams really if that’s the way to put it.

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