Chris King

Director and Strategic Adviser

CFP®, Dip FP

In 1999 Chris founded Affiniti Financial Consultants with a mission to do things differently – to make a difference in people’s lives. In 2003 he joined the Capital Partners team and bought with him a focus on each client as an individual, rather than the traditional sales-focused, commission-led approach to financial planning.

Chris has worked in the financial sector since 1986. So, while he has a special interest in advising small business owners and women going through separation or divorce, he brings a wealth of financial, wealth and business management expertise to our boardroom table. He’s a trusted voice of experience and adviser for our team, as well as our clients.

And that’s the important thing for Chris: helping people, guiding people, enriching lives, personally and professionally. Whether he’s nurturing and mentoring our talented team, or helping clients discover, define and realise their life goals, he’s more than the founder of our business. He’s not just one of the driving forces behind our collective growth and success.

Chris is the heart and soul of Capital Partners and a culture that values and treasures the individual.

Education and Associations

Certified Financial Planner
Diploma Financial Planning
Australian Insurance Institute