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Episode 4 | PERMA part two

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By startdig Ambitious Retirees

Talking About Retirement with Damon Sugden - Episode 4 | PERMA part two

This episode is a continuation of the discussion around the PERMA model and its scientific approach to understanding the elements of happiness and what we can do to maximise each element.

In this episode, Damon, David, and Barry look at Meaning (M), Achievement (A), and the end result of Vitality (PERMA+V).

Listen to the world’s best thinkers around retirement and prepare to position yourself for a successful and engaging second phase of life.

“This is about helping people get on the right track and stay on the right track. The lessons, the psychology that we are talking about isn’t just related to retirement, it’s related to life and if we could help people have the best life possible with the resources they have, that would be a great outcome” – David Andrew.

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