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Episode 11 | Quarterly market update 2024

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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor


Ever wondered how financial experts navigate the unpredictable tides of the market? This episode promises to shine a light on the complexities of the first quarter’s financial landscape with insights from David and our investment coordinator, Nick Menengola. Together, we unravel current market trends, dissect the strategies that hold the fort during tumultuous times, and discuss our approach to scaling investments for growth. Plus, we’re celebrating not just financial wins but personal milestones in our ‘win of the week’ segment.

Step away from the noise of sensational headlines and join us for a measured analysis of what’s really happening in the world of finance. We delve into the impressive climb of Perth’s real estate market and break down the concepts of economic ‘soft’ and ‘hard landings’.

This episode also tackles the resilience needed to weather market volatility and the critical importance of setting realistic expectations with clients when planning for financial success.

Closing out, we scrutinise the enigmatic nature of financial markets and dispel the myth that good years must be followed by bad, offering a perspective on investor behaviour during downturns.

We explore the ‘Magnificent Seven’ tech giants’ outsized influence on the market and how our strategic, evidence-based investments navigate through these giants’ shadows. As you immerse yourself in our discussion, we warmly invite you to join the conversation and contribute to the collective wisdom of successful families seeking true prosperity.

0:00-0:12 – Introduction and overview
0:12-0:24 – “Win of the week” segment
0:24-0:36 – Nick discusses his role at Capital Partners
0:36-1:03 – Discussion of interest rates around the world
1:03-1:20 – Conversation about the housing market
1:20-1:38 – Explaining the concepts of a “hard landing” and “soft landing”
1:38-1:56 – The strong markets despite inflation and the potential for an economic slowdown

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