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Episode 3 | PERMA part one

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By startdig Ambitious Retirees

Talking About Retirement with Damon Sugden - Episode 3 | PERMA part one

In this episode, we continue to look at PERMA, the psychological side of looking into retirement as the second phase of our life.

To be able to effectively discuss this we need to look at what retirement means to us. This phase of life is rapidly changing in society and doesn’t mean the same thing as it did for our parents’ or grandparents’ journeys. The cliché of the gold watch, daytime television, the occasional trip here or there.

Post-retirement we are now seeing many people tending to work, not necessarily because they have to but because they love what they do.

It’s meaningful and provides a strong sense of purpose and self-worth. Pop that with a variety of leisure and social activities, and we have a really dynamic phase of our life.

However, a lot of our attention, when we think about retirement, tends to be focused on money.

Whilst the money is an essential component, to completing the picture, it’s meaningless unless we have a clear snapshot of what our retirement is going to look like. What it means to us and how we can continue or start to live a fulfilling life.

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