Sustainable Investing

Every day our environmental and social credentials are tested as consumers and citizens, but now you can have a voice as an investor through sustainable investing.

Sustainable investing enables investors to align their personal values with their money.

Many investors believe that we ‘owe it to our grandchildren’ to look after the planet and to set a better example of how we conduct ourselves as a society.  Whether it’s the VW emissions scandal, Nestle’s use of child labour or reducing fossil fuel emissions, investors around the world have strong opinions and they want to back companies that take their social responsibilities seriously.

A responsible approach to investing

We believe every investor should have the choice of investing in a sustainable way.  Our investing strategies take a responsible approach by balancing the need for a robust investment return with the objectives of environmental and social responsibility, along with sound governance.  Through a rigorous screening process, investors have the benefit of a greener, more sustainable investment portfolio.  We can prove that it is possible to do well by doing good.

Environmentally Responsible Investing

It’s now possible to build a diversified investment portfolio that eliminates companies with fossil fuel reserves and significantly reduces current emissions.  We also focus on responsible land use and environmental waste and toxic spills.  When combined, these factors significantly reduce exposure to companies with poor environmental records and with a reliance on fossil fuels.

Socially Responsible Investing

Most people are unaware that their portfolio holds stocks that manufacture weapons of war and hand-guns; use child labour or produce pornography. Given the chance, many investors will take the opportunity to eliminate these companies from their portfolio. The good news is that it is now possible through our socially responsible screens.

Better Governance

Research suggests that the best run companies also provide the best investment returns, so a focus on responsible, well run companies that align community and shareholder expectations become more attractive investments.


Carbon emissions | Land use | Forestry | Biodiversity Toxic spills | Waste | Water use

Socially Responsible

Gambling | Weapons and landmines | Child labour Adult entertainment | Alcohol and tobacco | Factory farming


Shareholder representation | Community engagement Ensuring Boards act responsibly | Aligning pay and performance | Conflicts of interest

Sustainable Investing

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