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An Advisers Most Frequently Asked Question

Callum McPherson
Callum McPherson
Posted 01.06.2022 in Lifestyle

When a prospective client sits down with our wealth advisers during their initial meeting, it’s not the “should I invest in this? How can I make more? Can I afford XX?” questions that fill the air and direct the conversation flow. Of course, in time, they are naturally asked and answered. However, during first meetings, often the first time a client has ever sought a professional opinion, the most frequently asked question is, “will we be okay?”.

Associate, and Wealth Adviser in training, Callum McPherson frequently attends client meetings and is privy to some of the most emotional and vulnerable discussions a client may ever have with someone outside their family circle. Callum explains how intentional advice cements clarity, comfort, and confidence.

Will we be okay?

According to Callum, while the answer is almost always yes, the natural uncertainty of the future means many families will question if they have done enough to see them and their children through to their later years.

Our job is to manage some of the risks that families face throughout their lifetimes. Whether through ensuring you have sufficient insurance coverage, an up to date will, or making sure you have a robust financial plan you can stick to, that is backed by a proven investment approach. The answer lies in start to finish transparency. We encourage you to be involved, attend meetings, prepare by gathering the necessary documents and ask questions as often as you need. This ensures you feel confident and comfortable, trusting the process.

Our process

The advice process is full of intricacies. No two plans are alike, and it takes an entire team to achieve client goals.

Callum notes that the easiest way to explain what Capital Partners does best is to simplify the complex and educate the uninformed. While some clients do require intricacy in their affairs, many do not. Your adviser will cut through the complexity, and create a robust strategy and a prudent investment approach that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals, ensuring that you will be okay. This means you spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about the future.

Peace of mind

Speaking from experience, Callum suggests people not leave advice until a crisis arises. We see a lot of clients who decide to seek financial advice much later in life, Whereas if they had sought help earlier, the compounding effect of a sound investment philosophy and solid strategic direction is astounding.

Callum’s commitment to the profession is evident in his ongoing commitment to the compulsory training and study requirements to become a qualified wealth adviser.

One of the most rewarding parts of my role is being able to help individuals and families realise their goals by being able to relinquish the burden of managing their finances solely by themselves. Financial advisers allow you to focus on what you love doing. I’m lucky enough to be there for the journey.

If you or someone you know could benefit from speaking to a professional, do not hesitate to contact us.
Callum McPherson
Callum McPherson
Callum McPherson
Callum is always looking to build on his already formidable knowledge to deliver solutions that enable clients to fulfil their ambitions.