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Season’s Greetings 2023

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By David Andrew Capital Partners News

As we look forward to the festive season, I am sure many of you feel as I do – that the world seems to be getting faster and more complicated. This time last year I was enjoying an extended break, and I can’t believe twelve months has passed so quickly.

During the year, we held a number of client events to keep you informed and in touch with us. These events are always a wonderful reminder of the warmth and strength of our client community. We are grateful for the relationships we have, and it is a privilege to walk the path with you.

In August we welcomed the clients of Partnership Wealth Management to Capital Partners. Some time ago Andrew White contacted me and shared with me his decision to retire. In our discussions, he shared his hope that his clients may transition to our long-term care.

We have enjoyed working with Andrew and Darren Nash, and we are enjoying meeting all of you.

Over the course of the year, we have further consolidated our succession plans. Capital Partners is now 48% owned by Generation Two leaders, and we expect that by mid-2024 60% of the firm will be owned by Gen 2 and Gen 3 owners. This is important to ensure that as our Founders reach retirement, the firm is left in capable hands so that we can continue to serve you and your family.

This year we recognised Michael Matthews who celebrated twenty successful years, as well as David Rossbach, Callum McPherson, Olga Malysheva and Milena Konig, who have all achieved five years of service. Our emphasis on development ensures our future success and the continuity of what Capital Partners exists for… ‘to help our clients and our team explore what’s possible and achieve bigger futures’.

Additional highlight reel

  • Several new babies entered the CP family: Maddison and Chad welcomed baby Elsie and Farah and Brett welcomed baby Phoebe.
  • We celebrated the weddings of Anna and Jonathan, Milena and James, and Shaun and Karen.
  • Rachel Cooper and her partner, Scott, bought their first home.
  • Charmaine and her husband, Mike bought a property they hope to turn into a farm.
  • Harry came 9th in his age group category and 22nd overall for the 70.3/Half Ironman World Champion Marathon in Finland.
  • Tyler completed his first Marathon.
  • We welcomed 17 new team members into a variety of roles.

During the year, we had many stories of client successes where you have achieved important goals in your lives. These have included business sales, retirements, the purchase of holiday homes, childrens’ weddings, and the arrival of grandchildren, just to name a few. We feel deeply privileged to be able to share your journey with you and we love sharing in your success.

While we pause to spend time with our loved ones and celebrate the festive season, I reflect on how fortunate we are to enjoy the peace, prosperity, and opportunity Australia offers. Our thoughts will be with those less fortunate, and with those suffering from terrible conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

From all of us here at Capital Partners, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy festive season.

David Andrew | Managing Director

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