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Sustainable Investing: A value-based approach

Capital Partners
Capital Partners
Posted 19.11.2020 in Investment Planning

Have you ever heard the term ‘sustainable investing’?

Do you care about what the companies you’re invested in are doing and how they’re behaving?

And wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing your money supported practices and products that sit well with your values?

Putting your money where your values are.

  • Like many Australians, you’re probably aware of dubious practices among large companies. Think Volkswagen’s recent emission’s scandal or child labour concerns in Nestle’s chocolate supply chains.
  • Closer to home, Westpac is making provision for up to $1 billion in fines resulting from their anti-money laundering offences and possible links to child exploitation.
  • As a result, you may want reassurance that the companies you’re invested in take their social responsibilities seriously.
  • You may also be concerned about the impact of climate change and loss of biodiversity on your children and grandchildren’s future. You may want to avoid investing in fossil fuel companies and the companies that finance them, and instead put your money into clean sources of energy, like wind or solar and ethical super funds.
  • These conscious concerns are why sustainable investing has become so popular.

Balancing personal values and financial needs.

We all need to balance these concerns against the need to secure our own financial futures.

As an aging population puts upward pressure on the cost of health care, the Government’s shrinking tax base makes it more difficult to support people in retirement. It makes sense to aim for financial self-sufficiency later in life.

Sustainable investing is about how you can invest in line with your values – without compromising your financial security. By combining sound, evidence-based investment principles with sustainable screening methods, you’ll see it’s possible to do well, by doing good.


Capital Partners
Capital Partners
Capital Partners
At Capital Partners, we understand that life is filled with ups and downs. It’s complex. Certainty is in short supply. But with tailored, objective financial advice – advice built on evidence and your values and life goals – you can set the path for living your best life, whatever fate and circumstance throw at you.

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