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Understanding the Value of Financial Planning

“Time is one of our most precious commodities. I look forward to investing time with you – helping you put a framework together to make smart investment decisions that underpin our relationship with you.” ~ Steven Boyce


Winner of the Financial Planning Association Professional Practice of the Year 2017 & 2019

How comprehensive planning and strategy can add value and give you the tools and information to help make smarter decisions.


For many people listening to this content, the messages will probably resonate, the principles will seem logical and you probably know intuitively (or at least want to explore) a better way for you to manage your affairs.

However, for a range of different reasons like time, current adviser relationships or just healthy scepticism, it can be hard to take the first step. That’s where I’d like to help.

If you just want to look at a couple of our key tools in your own time to begin to understand what getting organised and having a strategy could look like, feel free to reach out below. I will email you through examples of the following documents for you to have a look at during your own time to see if they resonate with you:

  • Wealth Map – this tool will help you put a framework together to make smart decisions and underpins our relationship with you.
  • Net Worth Statement – outlines all your assets and liabilities across your tax structures on one page.
  • Financial Projections – this is the basis for a long term financial plan. Using detailed financial modelling we shows how achievable your goals are relative to your level of investable assets and capacity to earn and save (if you are still working).
  • Plan on a Page – this will show you how we prepare and present different parts of your strategic plan in a simple, clear and succinct way.
  • Wealth With Purpose – a book written by our CEO David Andrew that is a step-by-step guide to making purposeful decisions with your money and that details how we help our clients.

Further to this, if you are interested in understanding how we could specifically help you, we offer the following free of charge and with no obligation:

  • A 90 minute meeting where we help put together your Wealth Map, identify the gaps in your strategy and document your key issues and concerns.
  • A written second opinion of your investment portfolio.
  • A written second opinion on your overall strategy that will outline the current gaps in your strategy and where we could add value to you.
  • A clear understanding around how we charge fees for the work we do.

This is offered to those with greater than $2M of investable assets or if you are earning over $1M of annual family taxable income.

Where we believe that we can add significant value to your affairs and both parties feel there is alignment, we will invite you to become a client.

If you are interested in exploring anything further, I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s Design Your Plan

The best investment strategies start with a clear life strategy. So, talk to me about what you want to achieve – in the markets, but more importantly, in life.


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