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Why women make better investment decisions

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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor

In this episode, Aden is joined by Capital Partners’ senior wealth adviser and principal Kathryn Creasy to discuss the recent gender pay gap report and how women are lagging behind men in areas like superannuation and financial literacy.

Touching on sobering statistics, Kathryn also shares hopeful data that shows younger generations of women are more engaged in investing than ever before.  Additionally, she reviews studies demonstrating women often outperform men as investors by taking fewer risks and maintaining a long-term perspective.

For anyone seeking financial empowerment or education, this episode provides actionable advice and an inspiring message.

[0:00-0:12] – Introduction
[0:12-0:25] – Kathryn’s “win of the week”
[0:25-0:44] – Recent gender pay gap reports and statistics
[0:44-1:00] – Women and their own superannuation
[1:00-1:20] – Evening out your super balances as a couple
[1:20-1:50] – Women vs men as investors

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