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Episode 12 | Wealth With Purpose Part 1

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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor

In this episode of The Purposeful Investor, Aden and David discuss David’s motivations for writing his book ‘Wealth With Purpose’, specifically, how he wanted to shift the focus of financial advice away from products and performance to values, goals and priorities.

0:00:01 – 0:07:42 – David’s frustration with the traditional product-focused approach to financial advice.
0:07:42 – 0:13:32 – The challenging process of writing his first book.
0:13:32 – 0:17:30 – The three critical questions clients want answers to around smart decisions, caring for loved ones, living their best life.
0:17:30 – 0:22:05 – Taking control of your finances and not drifting.
0:22:05 – 0:30:00 – Automating your wealth and keeping plans flexible.

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