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Episode One | The ‘why’ behind Capital Partners

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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor

This episode of The Purposeful Investor podcast provides an introduction to Capital Partners Private Wealth Advisers, a wealth management firm based in Perth, Australia. Co-hosts David Andrew and Aden Wilkins discuss their motivations for starting the podcast and share “life’s little wins” from their careers.

David recounts founding Capital Partners over 20 years ago and how the firm has grown, evolving their investment philosophy over time to focus on reliable, evidence-based strategies. They explore how attracting talented team members has allowed Capital Partners to take on more clients and expand services while prioritising clients and employees. David emphasises exploring possibilities and achieving bigger futures for both staff and clients.

Learn about key people who helped grow the business and how ownership has transitioned to new generations. David expresses gratitude to Capital Partners’ long-standing clients for trusting the firm to manage over $1.6 billion in assets.

(0:00:01 – 0:04:25) Introduction

(0:04:25 – 0:12:52) Early years of Capital Partners

(0:12:52 – 0:16:09) Developing the business and team

(0:16:09 – 0:20:18) Client outcomes and intergenerational wealth

(0:20:18 – 0:27:59) Evolution of investment philosophy

(0:27:59 – 0:31:29) Aidan’s story of joining

(0:31:29 – 0:36:23) Recent acquisition and gratitude

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