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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor

In this episode of The Purposeful Investor, Aden and David discuss the importance of progress meetings between financial advisers and their clients. Progress meetings allow advisers to check in on clients’ financial plans, goals, investments, and estate plans to ensure they are on track.

Aden and David explore what is discussed in a typical progress meeting, including reviewing clients’ net worth statements, financial projections, portfolio reports, and estate planning. They emphasise how progress meetings help answer clients’ key questions around making smart financial decisions, ensuring the security of their loved ones, and living their best lives.

Aden and David also delve into different types of documentation used in progress meetings and how reviewing these documents helps get clients back on track if needed or celebrates goals already achieved.

Progress meetings play a vital role in ensuring clients can continuously make course corrections to stay on target with their financial plans as life circumstances change.


Progress Report
Net Worth Statement
Legacy Flow Chart

(0:00:01 – 0:01:26) Introduction

(0:02:00 – 0:04:20) What is a progress meeting?

(0:04:21 – 0:11:27) Common questions and concerns

(0:12:25 – 0:14:46) The three key questions in progress meetings

(0:14:47 – 0:20:57) Documentation in meetings

(0:20:58 – 0:28:24) – A client’s ability to achieve goals

(0:28:25 – 0:34:06) Estate planning

(0:34:07 – 0:37:52) The importance of stewardship

(0:37:53 – 0:41:01) The ongoing review through progress meetings

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