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Episode Five | Business succession planning

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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor

This podcast episode of The Purposeful Investor discusses the topic of succession planning for business owners. Hosts, Aden Wilkins and David Andrew define succession planning as the process of transitioning ownership of a business over time. This can take different forms such as an internal succession, a sale of the business, or transferring it to family.

David emphasises the importance of considering whether the strategy is to “harvest” the business through sale or pursue a “legacy” strategy of passing it down. He notes that succession involves transitioning not just capital but also leadership roles and maintaining the vision and values of the business.

David then draws on his own experience with succession planning at Capital Partners. He explains how they began planning early on to protect clients even with just a few employees. He details the multi-year process of transitioning out founding partner Chris while maintaining services, and culture, and developing new leadership over that time.

(0:00:01 – 0:00:11) Introduction

(0:00:11 – 0:01:54) Sharing wins of the week

(0:01:54 – 0:10:37) “harvest strategy” vs “legacy strategy”

(0:10:37 – 0:15:42) Succession planning at Capital Partners

(0:15:42 – 0:20:00) Developing new leadership teams at Capital Partners

(0:20:00 – 0:28:53) Succession of vision/values

(0:28:53 – 0:29:54) Transition of shares to new shareholders over time

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