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Episode 15 | The importance of strategic planning (Wealth with Purpose Part 3)

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By Capital Partners Podcast | The Purposeful Investor

In this episode, Aden and David chat about strategic planning for wealth. David explains why having a plan is crucial to tilting the odds of fairness in your favour. He discusses the key outcomes a strategic plan should deliver, such as being on track to achieve your goals and maximising available cash flow. David also stresses the importance of minimising taxes. This insightful discussion provides valuable guidance for anyone looking to develop a strategic approach to managing their finances and achieving their purpose with their wealth.

(0:00:01 – 0:01:12) Introduction and wins of the week
(0:01:12 – 0:03:56) The importance of cultural fit
(0:03:56 – 0:08:14) Tilting the odds of fairness in your favour
(0:08:14 – 0:11:36) Being on track to achieve goals, maximising cash flow, minimising taxes, properly structuring debt, minimising investment risks, and protecting assets.
(0:11:36 – 0:14:05) Having a thinking partner for financial planning
(0:14:05 – 0:17:40) Starting a plan with a net worth statement
(0:17:40 – 0:21:27) Comprehensive information gathering

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