Retirement Planning

Remove any uncertainty with holistic advice from our Perth team.

Retirement planning isn’t just about organising your super. At least, it isn’t when you talk to our team.

It’s about managing your finances holistically – super, tax, investments, everything – so you can retire on your terms, with clarity and confidence. Understanding what your financial adviser is planning for you in retirement can help give the peace of mind that comes with knowing how they plan to protect your future.

If you’re approaching retirement and don’t yet use a financial planner, there is a very strong case for hiring one.


Bespoke financial advice in Perth

You’ve spent your whole life working hard. Retirement should be an opportunity to do all those things you always wanted but never had any free time for! Whether it means setting goals, growing a nest egg or restructuring superannuation, a qualified retirement adviser will work with you throughout your entire journey

Because if you plan on retiring in the next few decades, it’s essential to start thinking about how your retirement will look. Especially when we know that one in two Australians retire earlier than expected. There are many online calculators to help you estimate your retirement balance, such as the MoneySmart retirement planning calculator.

However, if it’s individualised, all-encompassing, expert advice you’re after, our award-winning financial advisers can help you plan a fulfilling future.

In fact, we have an entire podcast on how you can achieve just that.


What does your vision of retirement look like?

Some clients come to us for retirement planning advice with a plan already in place. Others don’t have much of a plan at all. And some are approaching or already in retirement.

Financial planning and modelling are all well and good, but before we can create a workable strategy for your retirement plans, we need to understand you.

And that starts with your complimentary Wealth Map discovery session. Only then can we confidently create and implement a wealth management and transition plan.

Your GPS for wealth management

We know the difference between how we save versus invest can make all the difference when looking ahead at what happens later down life’s road. While accumulating assets allows us patience during volatile times, placing everything in high return options may give you quick returns but come at greater risk. Wealth Map discussions allow us to get your retirement plans back on track.

Individual advice without agenda

We also know that at this stage of life, your attitude and investment goals will change. Retirees typically become much more risk-averse when their focus shifts to preserving what they’ve saved while generating an income without the need to work as hard. In this way, an expert opinion is always reassuring. 

The best way to understand your retirement portfolio is with professional retirement planning advice.

Our independent financial advisers have extensive knowledge in all things finance. They’ll recommend what type of investments fit your objectives, assisting throughout the entire process. 

Tell us about your dreams

All the best wealth management and retirement planning solutions start with a conversation about what matters to you. So, let’s talk.


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