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Episode 2: Where Are We Going?

In episode two of Talking About Retirement, Where Are We Going, Damon,  David, and Barry discuss the ‘rules’ around retirement.

Specifically, who made 65 the magic number?

They draw on the belief that society needs to re-frame how we look at retirement by changing our parameters and understanding that there are many technical considerations to look at beyond a number. They do this by shedding light on the history of retirement. Uncovering how this contradicts modern-day living, life expectancy, government policies and the various types of employment which help to make a certain age redundant.

Of course, the obvious topic of savings is further dissected.

According to Damon, “pre-retirees are unquestionably clear on what they are retiring from, however less clear on what they want to do next”.

The questions they ask are typically centered around their nest egg and specifically, “Who’s going to last longer, me or my money?”.

Episode two highlights that these are the wrong conversations to be having.

Instead, Damon, David and Barry firmly convey ‘the focus should be on accessing what we need in order to live and enjoy each and everyday whilst we’re still here.’

Listen to episode two of Talking About Retirement with Damon Sugden below.

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