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By Capital Partners Women in Life Transition

Becoming independent doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t always go smoothly. There are ups and downs; it is all part of learning from mistakes to become a stronger and wiser person. When we can make more informed decisions and rely on other people less, we can have greater control over our independence and wealth. Given Australia’s current financial literacy divide, 48% of women claim financial literacy vs 63% of men, there is plenty of room for improvement within all demographics. You have the ability to share your insight and spark a conversation. How many of your friends have income insurance? Does your daughter salary sacrifice? When women understand the need for financial literacy, they can take control, start to explore their options, and better safeguard their future.

With an enthusiastic advocate on side, all women and girls can be inspired to take control of their financial literacy. Wealth Adviser Kathryn Creasy is one of these advocates. Kathryn actively supports women in their journey towards empowerment. When she’s not supporting her clients, Kathryn shares her wisdom by presenting to numerous women’s groups on how they can empower themselves, their daughters, and friends through financial planning. The reality is that being more financially aware can change a woman’s life. When a woman has the confidence to be self-sufficient and make decisions, she can actively improve her situation. Often, the women who have not only survived but thrived through gaining independence are the most influential messengers of the financial literacy sentiment.

Many empowered women have worked through challenges to reach contentment, realising that asking for support, albeit difficult, is fundamental. Financial literacy and women’s financial empowerment go hand in hand. Financial literacy hasn’t been a focus for most people, in particular, we see this through women. We have seen that increased education can help women make better decisions and gain greater independence – you may even be a walking embodiment of this. As such, where opportunities exist, we encourage you to share your wisdom and pass on your knowledge to your network. Informed decisions, passionate advocates, and ongoing learning are the pillars that help build bigger futures. Time and again, we see that when women uplift each other, extraordinary things can happen.

Financial literacy is a lifelong journey of learning. Even our team must keep up to date with changing legislation and consult other industry experts. While we wait for financial literacy to be better prioritised within our education systems, the need for conversations and a passing down of knowledge remains imperative. The insight you gain has the power to change lives because we know that women are more confident when they are financially literate. Imagine a world with increased financial autonomy, where fear and doubt are less prevalent. Financial independence can only be achieved through education in which you can play an active part.

All women deserve to celebrate and acknowledge their unique journey towards financial empowerment. As part of our Capital Partners community, your power lies in your ability to inspire other women through the support you have received from our team. If you would like suggestions on how you can start a conversation with a friend or relative, our advisers are always happy to help offer their insight.

The information provided on this site is of a general nature only and may not be relevant to your particular circumstances. The circumstances of each investor are different and you should seek advice from a financial planner who can consider if these strategies and products are right for you.

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