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Leadership with Diane Smith-Gander

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Posted 21.07.2020 in Strategic Planning, Videos
Diane Smith-Gander answers our viewers questions during her live interview with David Andrew for the Leadership on the Front Foot webinar series. Frank and honest, Diane shares her beliefs on what many listeners are contemplating right now.

1. As someone in a leadership position, how do you respond to the question when you don’t know the answer?

One of the hardest things to say as a leader is ‘I don’t know’. When this happens, be honest and consider asking in return, ‘What do you think?’. Own the fact that you don’t know and instead explain the process you or the organisation is going to take in order to find an answer to the question. Admitting that you don’t know is uncomfortable, yet so important.

2. What are three macro issues that organisations need to be focusing on in the latter part of 2020 and beyond?

According to Diane the 3 issues are:

  1. Revenue – to protect cash.
  2. People – Keep the relationship between the employer/employee strong. Incentives such as Job Keeper help achieve this
  3. Safety – For people and customers during this time

3. What must fundamentally change for you to feel that we have made genuine progress on the gender diversity issue?

A 50/50 goal would be ideal. We need to dismantle the notion that men and women are different, because they are not, they just have different lived experiences. Women need to have equal opportunity, but this will only happen when the system is fixed because right now, the systems in place are broken. In order to do this, we need some intelligent quotas made, only this will see change and allow for women to reach positions where changes can be made.


Click the link below to watch this episode with David Andrew and Diane Smith-Gander.

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