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David Andrew
David Andrew
Posted 07.08.2020 in Company News

Things change fast.

The recent catastrophe in Beirut has shocked us all.

Tragic events around the world have a tendency to have us reflect on our own lives and our thoughts often turn to how lucky we are.

As I have reflected, the recurring theme has been how I need to be making every effort to lead my Ideal Life, because…you just never know.

In our line of business it is a mistake to just focus on the management of people’s money, what really adds value is helping others live their Ideal Life.

The things that give us the greatest joy are almost always captured by the time we spend with the people we care about the most, and the experiences we share together.

This is where the concept of helping you focus on your Ideal Life is so important.

In financial matters the reality is there is so much we can’t control.

Who would have thought when we were enjoying our summer holidays that Australia’s worst fire season on record would be followed less than three months later, by a global pandemic which has changed the world as we know it.

No one could have predicted.

Things change and they change fast, and yet the human desire is to try to control things so that we have certainty.

The reason we crave certainty in our financial circumstances is so that we can continue to provide a good life for ourselves and those we care most about.

The reality is that time to time information does come along to change the investment landscape, and before we react to these feelings of fear we need to remind ourselves of why we are invested.

For most people it is to have a diversified portfolio of quality assets that will give them the highest probability of achieving their plan.

This in turn means that they achieve their important goals.

The key words here are ‘diversified’, ‘quality’, ‘plan’, and ‘goals’.

There will always be times of volatility and there will be times of great discomfort, and yet time and again, those people with a diversified portfolio of quality assets, who are able to stick to a plan, are far more likely to achieve their goals.

So as we enter another period of uncertainty, let’s focus on the things we can control and in particular focus on our Ideal Lives.

When you do think about your Ideal Life consider these questions:

·         What does it look like?

·         What does it sound like?

·         What does it feel like?

·         What am I doing?

·         Who am I with?

·         Who am I being?


As Peter Drucker, the famous management consultant and guru says, “The best way to predict your future is to create it,” and the same is true about your Ideal Life.

You can have your Ideal Life, but it’s not going to happen by accident.

And through all the uncertainty its Capital Partners role to have you structured as well as you possibly can be to deal with the unexpected.

David Andrew
David Andrew
David Andrew
Founder and CEO of Capital Partners, and author of Wealth with Purpose, David firmly believes that sound, objective financial advice can transform peoples’ lives and wellbeing. Find out more about how our evidence-based approach to wealth planning, investment management, legacy planning and insurance distinguishes our award-winning team, our results and our clients’ lives.

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