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What does the Capital Partners culture look like?

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In 2021, Capital Partners was recognised in the WRK+ Best Places to Work benchmarking study, in the top 25 best places to work in Australia under 100 employees category.  The survey overwhelmingly supported Capital Partners as a great place to work, with the highlight being the development opportunities to help people grow.

We recently asked Finance and Talent Manager, Nicole Chiam to reflect on the Capital Partners corporate culture, and what it looks like to her.

What sets the Capital Partners culture apart?

It sounds cliche, but I do believe our culture can best be described as like a family, a community. Despite being a relatively big team of 40, I am confident everyone (including the CEO and COO) could share a couple of personal facts about every other team member. We are authentic, we have honest conversations even if they are difficult or uncomfortable. We are individuals, all on a different growth journey and Capital Partners acknowledges that.

What do you look for in potential talent, and why is it important?

An alignment with our core values is important because they are the heart of who we are as people. Our values are not aspirational (e.g. who we would like to be), rather they describe who we are today. Our values cannot be learned, trained or acquired. We also look for potential. Qualifications and degrees are useful but not critical. As long as they have the capability and commitment to upskill and grow.

What support do you give to new talent to ensure they feel welcomed?

Regular touchpoints with myself and their immediate team in the first 6-12 months, as well as an allocation of a buddy and mentor. We organise team welcome morning teas and frequent individual team breakfasts/coffee catch-ups.

Capital Partners talk about ‘growth mindest’. What does this mean to you?

To me, a growth mindset means being challenged. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable and being open to change.

What role do senior team members play in building and adhering to our culture?

A very important role. Leadership is witnessed at all levels and senior team members lead from the front. This includes being prepared to celebrate the positives and call out / address poor behaviour when they see it.

Advice for anyone considering applying for a role with Capital Partners?

Reach out and entertain a conversation! I did (I wasn’t even looking at the industry or the type of role), and haven’t looked back since.

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