Yasmin Weston

Operations Coordinator

LLB Law and Criminology

From an early age, Yasmin had a fascination with law and crime series, combined with a desire for helping people achieve equality. The fact that she went on to earn a degree in law and criminology is, then, no surprise. But it certainly surprised Yasmin when she found her ideal professional home at a financial planning firm – she actively disliked mathematics at school!

Then again, given Yasmin’s passion for justice and helping people get ahead, perhaps it was inevitable that, after joining us as a temp on reception, she decided to stay and apply her considerable organisational and problem-solving skills here at Capital Partners.

As our operations coordinator, overseeing compliance and IT for our business, she plays a pivotal role, ensuring we maintain the highest standards and have the technology we need to look after our clients. It’s a diverse, demanding role that involves working with people throughout our team and juggling multiple projects and priorities. But it’s a role that Yasmin relishes, tackling every new challenge with her trademark positivity and perfectionism.

Without Yasmin taking care of us, we wouldn’t be able to take care of our clients the way we do.

Education and Associations

Bachelor of Law and Criminology