Tyler Ellery

Associate Adviser


Like so many of us at Capital Partners, Tyler loves helping clients have their financial ‘Aha!’ moment. But he had his own ‘Aha!’ experience when, after being in the financial planning business for several years, he came for his interview here and subsequently joined us. Our friendly, helpful and collegiate culture brought about a fundamental shift in how he approached financial planning.

Combining specialist expertise that includes novated leasing and salary packaging with a gift for critical thinking and all things IT, Tyler revels in his role and the freedom to work more closely and personally with clients than he ever has before. He enjoys applying logic and creativity to problems and challenging the status quo to find better solutions and ways of working for clients.

As a high performer who sets the highest standards for himself, Tyler has been a natural fit for our team from the get-go. But we all need to let off steam and enjoy some downtime to perform at our best, and for Tyler that means spending time with his partner, his family or enjoying a game of basketball with friends.

Education and Associations

Bachelor of Commerce
Cert II Information Technology