Serena West

Principal | Senior Insurance Adviser


At one time, Serena wanted to be a lawyer. She loved doing research and the idea of getting justice and a fair outcome for people. And it’s these talents and values – this desire to protect people when they need compassion most – that make Serena a phenomenal insurance adviser.

Serena loves getting to know our clients. The nature of her work often entails having personal, emotional conversations with families – something she carries off with warmth, empathy and a disarming sense of humour.

But perhaps more surprisingly, Serena also loves insurance. Genuinely. Passionately. She loves it because she sees the difference the right insurance makes for clients. It means being able to have the best treatment for a disease or illness. Or having the respite to recover properly from injury. Or being able to enjoy precious time with loved ones when time is running out.

It’s in these situations that Serena’s passion for helping people shines. She treats every client like family. Talking to doctors. Visiting hospitals. Dealing with insurers. Being there. Doing whatever it takes to take away the stress of making a claim and give you the time and financial resources you need to focus on what’s important.

Education and Associations

Bachelor of Economics
Advanced Diploma in Financial Services
Life Risk Specialist

Financial Planning Association of Australia


Association of Financial Advisers