Meet Tyler

New beginnings

Similar to many career journeys, my journey at Capital Partners began with a phone call and an interview. I was working in a Financial Planning practice specialising in providing salary packaging advice and working with government employees. This provided me with an invaluable introduction to the industry and enabled me to get a taste of a wide range of aspects relating to financial planning so that I could choose my future direction. Ultimately, my passion was in the strategy and investment decisions involved in private wealth advising, which led me to Capital Partners. I was introduced to members of the team and knew it was the right cultural fit.

Collaborate to succeed

I was at a crossroads where I was searching for greater mentorship and knew I needed a new challenge. The opportunities presented to me at Capital Partners played a pivotal role in fulfilling those needs. The team has always encouraged bigger-picture thinking. Each time I have wanted to dig deeper into a new skill or business area that intrigues me, I have been supported to give it a go, pointed in the right direction, and surrounded by the right people to help me get there.

Time and again I am reminded of how grateful I am to be involved in a business that has a clear career path for aspiring advisers. The Capital Partners people-first approach means that they do everything they can to make the goals you are aspiring towards happen. Mentoring and development programs help make this happen. Your mentor will support you, help you reflect, grow, and give you the tools to foster confidence. From day dot, I have never had to doubt I would be supported.

The journey to becoming an adviser requires commitment. Yes, to studies, but also a commitment to utilising the resources around you by asking for help when you need it. To this end, the team at Capital Partners has encouraged me to push myself to achieve things I never thought possible. When I look back at the challenges I’ve overcome, it fills me with a sense of pride and lifts the self-imposed limits on what is possible. The encouragement, support, and accountability that Capital Partners has provided has rocketed my growth trajectory beyond where I ever imagined it could be.

Capital Partners have taught me that growth is a never-ending journey and there is no defined endpoint. You can’t and won’t ever know everything there is to know. However, you can have an incredible team around you who all want amazing outcomes. Everyone is in it together to improve the lives of each other and our clients, while becoming better in everything we do.

Success on purpose

Thinking about my career, the next stop for me will be completing my Masters in Certified Financial Planning, and turning more of my focus to helping our clients in an advisory capacity. I have come to embrace the relationships I have with our clients and look forward to making many more in the months and years to come.

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