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Questions from the Investment and Business Update

Capital Partners
Capital Partners
Posted 03.08.2020 in Company News, Investment Planning
Your questions from the June Investment and Business Update webinar with our Investment Committee panelists.

1. Has Capital Partner’s investment philosophy changed since Covid? How can you have confidence that the way we are investing is going to work?

The investment philosophy has changed enormously, however the intent is still the same. We have never tried to be the best performing, instead are more concerned that our clients can sleep easy at night without losing their money.

Throughout our investment and business update we have searched and implemented a systematic approach via analysing the data over the years. We exploit efficiently to ensure good results. We do this with exposure to value stocks, smaller company stocks and profitable stocks.

The evidence in the long term shows that combining exposure to large, exposure to small and profitability creates a higher chance of good investment outcomes.

The Investment Committee is always on the lookout for a better way to do things. They rely on evidence to provide reliable outcomes for our clients.

2. How important is it to work with other firms to hear different investment and business ideas?

It is very important. Having independent, objective, thought contributors with different business experiences that extend beyond 35 years in financial services allows you to best look at portfolios.

Listening to others on advice about asset allocation re balancing, investment managers, reducing costs, discovering investments that have high liquidity, integrity and robustness is essential. This collaboration is very valuable.

Capital Partners
Capital Partners
Capital Partners
At Capital Partners, we understand that life is filled with ups and downs. It’s complex. Certainty is in short supply. But with tailored, objective financial advice – advice built on evidence and your values and life goals – you can set the path for living your best life, whatever fate and circumstance throw at you.

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