Invest Strategically

Our team takes away the day-to-day burden of managing your investment portfolio and gives you greater clarity, certainty and confidence for the future.

There’s a lot of hype around investment styles. But we don’t deal in hype.

Our investment model is based on evidence, not speculation. Get the market working for you and get on with life. Talk to an Investment Manager.


Invest strategically without speculation

Forget the fickle and futile art of picking the next big stock or trend.

Instead, take our management advice, which is based on decades of academic research and Nobel Prize-winning thinking, and take the stress and ambiguity out of investment planning. It’s the market that should be working hard, not you.

Our investment advice goes beyond our evidence-based approach to portfolio management. It includes helping you protect and preserve your investment returns and wealth, from minimising your tax burden, to reduce the costs of investment planning and management.

Our investments are managed to a fiduciary standard.

As investment advisers, we are certified fiduciaries and we are audited each year to ensure we meet the fiduciary standards.

We are the only CEFEX certified firm in Perth. We don’t receive any investment commissions so the only way we are paid for our financial planning and investment services is through agreed fee arrangements with clients.

We are founding members of the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA), and Capital Partners holds a Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification.

We base our investment decisions on the best knowledge available, building robust, risk-managed and tax-effective investment portfolios.

The result: consistent performance driven by philosophy, evidence, process and execution.

Build your wealth sustainably

We believe all investors should have the choice of investing in a sustainable way. Our sustainable investing strategies balance the need for a robust investment return with the objectives of environmental and social responsibility, and sound governance.

Whether it’s the VW emissions scandal, Nestle’s use of child labour or reducing fossil fuel emissions, investors around the world have strong opinions and they want to back companies that take their social responsibilities seriously by investing strategically in a sustainable future.

Through a rigorous screening process, investors have the benefit of a greener, more socially responsible investment portfolio. Our investment planning advice will prove that it is possible to do well by doing good.

Read our Sustainable Investing Report Whitepaper.

Watch our Sustainable Investing Webinar.


Optimise your portfolio

Talk to our Investment Committee to find out more about our evidence-based, goals-focused approach to investment advice and how we’ll tailor a strategy to suit you.