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How Do Advisers Add Value During Uncertainty?

Rob McCaw
Rob McCaw
Posted 22.06.2022 in Wealth Planning

How do you feel when markets take a turn? If your first instinct is to panic and sell, you may find value in speaking to a qualified financial adviser to discuss your options.

Wealth Adviser Rob McCaw deals directly with clients navigating uncertainty. When volatility strikes, he is a sounding board for reassurance.

We asked Rob how Capital Partners Wealth Advisers address client concerns during uncertainty.

Why should concerned investors speak to a financial adviser?

Emotional investing can impact heavily on our decision-making process. Your financial adviser is in the perfect position to present advice based on research rather than detrimental emotions.

Rob explains that financial advisers build a plan around what you want to achieve in life so that everything draws back to your goals when you have a concern. Our advice and decisions, as fiduciaries, have your best interests at heart and are influenced by how to help you securely reach your goals. We consider significant events such as your children moving out, the sale of a business, a redundancy, or downsizing your home. These events are evaluated well before they occur, ensuring less uncertainty and more peace of mind.

How do financial advisers provide reassurance?

The only predictable element of markets is that they are unpredictable, and advisers will frequently reiterate this.

Capital Partners’ portfolios are built to withstand market troughs. Our evidence-based, disciplined approach to rebalancing the portfolio ensures profits are banked in rising markets and investments are purchased at discounted prices during volatility.

Rob elaborates that as an adviser, his role is to ensure clients stay on track by only paying attention to the areas they can control. Your portfolio is designed to give you the highest possibility of achieving your goals. Be it accumulating wealth for your future retirement or needing to fund income needs once you stop working. We always look at how your portfolio can be best positioned against your objectives, knowing there will be periods of volatility and uncertainty.

What practical advice do advisers share during uncertainty?

Advice during volatility relates to being disciplined, understanding the long-term nature of investing, and rebalancing your portfolio to the allocation tailored to your objectives.

Rob refers to the importance of trusting the plan and controlling the controllable by setting goals, building a plan, and attending regular reviews. Over the long-term, we know that equity markets grow and deliver to those people who are patient and disciplined.

Advisers are acutely aware that this can be distracting when there are frequent fluctuations in investment returns, especially in periods of market volatility.

If you have concerns and would like to discuss your investments, do not hesitate to contact us or your adviser directly.
Rob McCaw
Rob McCaw
Rob McCaw
Rob sees it as his responsibility to help clients look past the immediate emotions that can drive our decision-making and instead focus on thinking strategically about how to make their best life a reality.