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Client Experience Scott Lieschke | Life Events

It's not uncommon for us to work with clients after major life events and what I find important is that we lay out all the pieces of the puzzle and make sure that we put them back together properly.

So, the story that you’re about to see is a six-month journey that we took to make sure that we had all the pieces spot on in line for our client Scott.

This is Scott’s story:

“When I met with Serena the first time, she was more interested in the insurance cover that I had and making sure it was suitable for my purposes. She wasn’t interested in just selling me something new which I thought she was going to. She was more interested in finding out what I had and if it was appropriate for my needs.

When I went through a divorce process I had no idea the implications that having closing my superannuation fund that owned my insurance policies would have on my insurance policies per se and I was really pleased that Serena pointed it out to me that I was being left without any insurance coverage.

I am grateful for the work that Serena’s put in. It was certainly a lot more than I anticipated would have been necessary to ensure I had the right level of cover.

Given my circumstances and what I’ve experienced with Capital Partners I’m grateful for what they’ve been able to do for me.

I’m also very happy to recommend them to anyone looking to get their insurances in order and their finances in a in a fashion that really suits their particular needs so I’ve been more than happy and very grateful for what we’ve been able to achieve together”.


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