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Client Experience Robert Root | Income Protection

Have you ever thought about what would happen to you or your colleagues or your friends if your income just stopped, if there was no income coming in? What we normally do to deal with this, is we take out what's called income protection.

The following story that you’re about to watch is an interesting journey that Capital Partners Senior Insurance Adviser, Serena, took with a wonderful client of ours, Rob in taking out income protection for him and his family.

“When I applied with Capital Partners for income protection, the bottom line is my policy was declined because they required several medical tests which started with the GP and then some other medical tests. They uncovered a problem with my heart which I didn’t know about before.

So, on that basis, the insurance policy was declined.

When the new policy that we were going for considering my heart condition was declined, Serena really didn’t skip a beat.

She advised us that we should get the old policy reinstated.

The other thing that struck me was that Serena and Capital Partners really didn’t have anything to gain at that point and I thought our association would end there, yet it didn’t.

That demonstrated very clearly to me that Capital Partners were acting in my best interest even in a situation where there wasn’t really much upside for them, they didn’t have a lot to gain out of this.

The most important thing in terms of financial security is being able to protect your income rights and I think about investments a lot of the time but for me it made me realise that having the health to continue working and spend time with my family is the number one priority”.


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