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Client Experience Mark Hill | Insurance Cover

I'm always curious when I meet people who tell me that they just can't get insurance cover.

I view it as a personal and professional challenge, so I’m excited to share with you the following story where we achieved it.

We managed to get cover for someone that had been told for over a decade that they were un-insurable.

This is Mark’s story:

“It’s been 18 years since I was first diagnosed with a medical condition that doesn’t have a cure and in that time I had three attempts to try and get insurance cover; TPD and income protection primarily.

Coming from the background of not having cover at all for my medical condition, then able to get insurance was a real relief and it was a fair bit of hard work.

That was a positive outcome for myself and the family and was only possible through the good efforts of Capital Partners and Serena.

For anybody that has been knocked back or is unsure about obtaining cover, it’s worthwhile having a look at it because you never know what the options are out there. I’m sure you just need to find the right underwriters and the policy”.

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