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Client Experience Dirk Collins | Insurance Claim

When Serena first met our client Dirk, he was unaware that he had a potential insurance claim. So, Serena set about approaching the insurer to ask them to back date a claim three years.

By the time we filmed his story, we didn’t yet have confirmation that this was approved.

We are now delighted to confirm that we had his insurance claim fully paid out for him.

This is Dirk’s experience:

“I engaged Capital Partners about 6 months ago. Originally the referral was for general finances. When I came in to talk with Chris, we went through the whole situation and he suggested that as part of that process we should look at insurance and superannuation at the same time.

As it happened, three years ago there was a major health situation that I had, that required emergency surgery and Serena picked up on that and we started to talk in more detail about what that might entail.

I didn’t think that I could make an insurance claim. What I found, without denigrating anybody, previous engagements with advisers was very much on a marketing, sell me something approach, not on what I needed.

So, the difference between that and Capital Partners is that it was much more personalized and aligned with my personal beliefs rather than just being cookie cutter”.

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