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Corporate Wellbeing will never not be important.

Join David from Capital Partners Perth, for what promises to be a fascinating episode of Leadership on the Front Foot where he speaks with Dr. Andrew Crane.

Andy will share his story from average student to completing a PhD in Israel, and then becoming CEO of one of Australia’s largest grain businesses.

He also shares unique insights global trade as a member of the B20 Leadership Group.They’ll be discussing the challenges businesses face in the current environment, his views on leadership, and they’ll also canvas the topic of can the ‘nice-guy’ (or gal) make it as a CEO?

Andy was CEO of the $3.9Bn CBH Group for 8 years, and is now Chancellor of Curtin University, and a non-Executive Director of RAC, SunRice and Lawson Grains.

Join them for a coffee and a chat and take the opportunity to ask Andy a question in our open Q&A.

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