Our story

Enjoy the lifelong benefits of dealing with a firm whose principals have principles.

Back when we started out in 1999, most financial advice came from large institutions pushing their own products.

Sadly, not much has changed. We set out from day one to do things differently.

As a privately-owned wealth management business, we have the freedom to explore a world of investments and opportunities for our clients. We created a new wealth-with-purpose philosophy and a new fee-based, evidence-based approach – a fiduciary approach, with no investment commissions or compromises. This is our story.

Moving forward, we’ve got your back

In an investment and financial planning industry still dominated by conflicted advice, our fiduciary, whole-of-life ethos is still very much the exception.

Today, our inter-generational practice is a proud member of the Global Association of Independent Advisors™ (GAIA)*, an esteemed international network of like-minded advisory firms that sets the fiduciary excellence benchmark.

In other words, we put our clients’ interests first, and have the rare CEFEX certification to prove it, with no less than four CEFEX Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (not just the requisite one). We’re a Perth-based, private wealth management business, and we’re proud.

But you don’t have to take the word of independent auditors for our honourable intentions and actions. Meet our highly qualified and equally likeable team and experience the difference first-hand.


*Despite our membership with GAIA, Capital Partners does not claim to be independent under section 923 of the Corporations Act.

Our Guiding Principles
Put clients first, always.
Earn trust, be ethical.
Invest based on evidence, not speculation.
Invest to a fiduciary standard.
Collaborate to succeed.
Think sustainably, think long term.
Drive success on purpose – yours and ours.