Our Approach

From our senior principals to our newest team member, we believe there’s more to life than money.

Back when we started out in 1999, most wealth advice came from large institutions pushing their own products.

Sadly, not much has changed. We set out from day one to do things differently.

As a privately-owned financial advice business, we have the freedom to explore a world of investments and opportunities for our clients. We created a new wealth-with-purpose philosophy and a new fee-based, evidence-based approach – a fiduciary approach, with no investment commissions or compromises. This is our story.

There’s more to life than money.

Many financial advisers only offer advice in the deals they have a vested interest in. Not so at Capital Partners. As a privately-owned business, our story is very different. And so is our evidence-based approach, which revolves around you.

Your lifelong Capital Partners journey will start with your Wealth Map conversation.

Your Wealth Map is about you. It’s about clarifying what matters – really matters – to you. Your values. Your purpose. Your dreams. Your life goals. Your strategy for happiness.

This isn’t a conversation about wealth planning, investment management and legacy planning. We’ll get to all of that in good time.

Discuss your needs with an expert adviser.

Our fee-based business model ensures you’ll only ever receive honest advice and an evidence-based wealth, investment and legacy solution that’s built around your values and purpose. But it all starts with our Financial Life Plan, which is complimentary and obligation-free.