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Creating wealth is important, but unless it’s managed with purpose, all the money in the world won’t lead to a richer, happier life. Ask yourself – Are you on the right path? Are you making the best decisions about your money, and therefore your future? How nice would it feel to be on a certain pathway, not just for yourself but also for the people you love?

That’s what sets us apart from other Perth financial advisers and private wealth management firms. Instead of just focusing on the numbers, we focus on you, your family, your values, your life. It’s not just return on investment that matters, we also focus on return on life! 

As an independent wealth management firm, we’ll help you discover wealth mastery, wealth security, and wealth enjoyment, the key outcomes you will need to enjoy true prosperity.

Life conversations. Wealth solutions.

Capital Partners private wealth advisers conferring about strategic wealth management.

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Busy Executives &

Let us help you get completely organised and on track, so you can maximise every opportunity that comes your way.

Women in Life

Have you been looking for the best way forward? Change doesn’t have to be daunting. Let us work with you to discover the confidence you deserve.


Isn’t it time you had someone in your corner to lighten the load? Let our team help you maximise every opportunity that comes your way.


A new chapter brings new opportunities and adventures. Working with us you can plan your renaissance, not just a retirement.

Independent Financial Advisers

Who we are

Based in Perth, we serve affluent families all over Australia. We have been growing and learning with our clients for twenty-five years. Our team of financial planners and investment specialists has been awarded Best Professional Practice in Australia in 2017 and 2019 – the only private wealth management firm in Australia to achieve this award on two occasions.^

We help our clients create bigger futures and deal with life’s complexities.

^Awarded by the Financial Planning Association of Australia

Capital Partners private wealth advisers conferring about strategic wealth management.


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We believe every career journey is as unique as the individual undertaking it. Which is how we’ve ended up with a great team of experts across all facets of financial planning. Fancy joining the team? See what possibilities await…

Capital Partners private wealth advisers conferring about strategic wealth management.

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